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2 Man Quota Point Better Ball at the Ritz-Carlton Members Club - 1/22/2018
Empanger and McParland put up an astounding 65 team quota points, enough to take home the team quota title!

Net Division

1st. Empanger & McParland

2nd. Freed & Voss

3rd. Farrell & Welter

Gross Division

1st. O'Conner & Shulz


$ 35 per skin

Tom Farrell, hole 2, birdie

Tom Olsen, hole 3, birdie

Jon Empanger, hole 4, birdie

Joe Abbott, hole 7, birdie

Marcus Schulz, hole 15, eagle

Larry Freed, hole 16, birdie

Total prize money: $720


24 Players
RankingPlayer Name QuotaPointsResultPrize Money
T1Jon Empanger35394$125.00
T1Tom Farrell26304$35.00
T3Larry Freed21243$75.00
T3Jerry McParland23263$125.00
T3Randall Voss23263$75.00
6Gary Petronaci19190$0.00
T7Paul Miller2928-1$0.00
T7Kevin O'Conner2524-1$125.00
T7Markus Schulz2928-1$125.00
T10James Sloat1816-2$0.00
T10Joe Abbott2422-2$0.00
T10Michael Sweany2826-2$0.00
T10Mark Sheffield2725-2$0.00
T14Jim Lavoie2825-3$0.00
T14Bob Merriott2421-3$0.00
T14Lawrence Bailey 2623-3$0.00
T17Tom Olsen2925-4$0.00
T17Donald Zinn3026-4$0.00
T17Ron Roth1915-4$0.00
T17Achim Triebel2622-4$0.00
21Mark Collins2924-5$0.00
22Jim Pasko2216-6$0.00
23Jim Manafold2922-7$0.00
24Wayne Welter2315-8$35.00

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