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Total Tour Credit Since 2010: $74,577
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WFGT Quick Facts

  • Low yearly membership fee from date of payment ($200)
  • Minimal non member fees
  • 1,2 & 3 day events (365 days a year)
  • 6 month Winter Tour
  • 5 month Summer Tour
  • 6 walking majors
  • 30+ different courses utilized
  • Amateur/Training division
  • Woman and Senior participants welcome
  • PGA Class A members exempt from all membership fees
  • A Performance Center (TRACKMAN & SAM PUTT Lab)
  • A Performance Studio (Conditioning & Massage Therapy)
  • $4 million in prize money since 2010
  • A LOWER risk and better VALUE Tour


How Do I Register?

  • By phone: Richard at (941) 266-7475 or Christian (215) 630-3644
  • By email:
  • On the website, by becoming an online member (free).

How Does This Tour Compare to Other Developmental Tours?

  • Very low membership fees (currently $200)
  • Very reasonable entry fees ($180, $340, $460, $650)
  • The ability to educate the players on how to “extend their careers”
  • We don’t waste purse money on unnecessary frills and employees
  • We list field sizes and purse breakdowns at every event
  • We are 100% transparent; the Tour makes $20 per day, per player
  • We offer 1, 2, & 3 day events
  • Our 6 Majors are walking events with a 36 hole cut
  • Our Monday events are almost always played in twosomes

How Much Are the Events?

1 Day Event
Member Fee = $180 ($25 discount)
Non-Member Fee = $205
* Skins game is included in your entry fee. $10 per player *

2 Day Event
Member Fee = $340 ($35 discount)
Non-Member Fee = $375
* Skins game NOT available *

3 Day Event (Summer Tour)
Member Fee = $460 ($35 discount)
Non-Member Fee = $495
* Skins game NOT available *

3 Day Event (Walking Majors)
Member Fee = $650 ($40 discount)
Non-Member Fee = $690
* Skins game NOT available *

I’m an Amateur, Can I Play?

  • Yes, both Men & Women amateurs can compete, provided you have an official handicap of 4 or less. You will be playing in a SCRATCH tournament with no handicap strokes allocated. You will receive up to a maximum amount of $750 in the form of pro shop or tour credit.
  • You can also participate in our Training Division where available (call for further information).
  • You can compete on the West Florida Amateur Tour (see Amateur Tour website).

How Do I Pay?

  • Pre-pay online with PayPal.
  • Pay cash, check or credit/debit card the day of the tournament.

How Do I Get My Tee Times?

  • Via an automated email
  • On our website under the "Starting Times".

Tee times will be available at 5pm the night before the event.

How Many Players Get Paid?

This depends on how many players are registered, but we promise to pay 33% of the professional field. We also guarantee that the last place check will earn their entry fee back excluding ties.

Will the Events Be Riding Carts?

Yes, all of our events are riding, with the exception of our majors, which we require the player to walk.

Can I Use a Range Finder?

Yes, all forms of measuring devices are permitted provided they don't provide the slope or wind. Hole location sheets will also be available for the players.

Can I Have a Caddie?

Yes. The caddie may also ride with the player provided they are in a cart to themselves. We ONLY allow 2 carts per group (we are usually in threesomes, but occasionally play in foursomes). In the case that we are in twosomes, ONLY 1 cart will be allowed per group. ALL PLAYERS WISHING TO HAVE THEIR OWN CART MAY DO SO BY PAYING FOR IT THROUGH THE HOST CLUBS PRO SHOP.

Do You Allow Spectators?

Yes, we encourage all players to invite spectators to watch. They MUST adhere to club rules regarding dress code and will be allowed to purchase a cart to ride IF they are available. In this case, the Tour requires that all spectator carts remain on the paths. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Can I Use Square Grooves?

Effective January 1, 2012, all West Florida Golf Tour players must use grooves that conform to the USGA's newly-established standards for all clubs 25 degrees and higher.

Are the Events Open to Women Professionals?

Yes... Both Professional Women & Amateur Women, with a handicap of 4 or less are most welcome to compete in our events.

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