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The primary format for each event will be a stableford points game. The stableford or “quota” game is calculated as follows:

Players will be given a quota of points to make based off their handicap. For instance, if a player is a 7 handicap they will need to make 29 points with 36 being par. Points are made on a hole-by-hole basis. Once a player is no longer able to record a bogey or better they are encouraged to pick up as there are no negative points given. The WFAA will also implement specialty events from time to time. These would include team events and pro-ams.

QUOTA POINTS WILL BE KEPT BY THE WFAA AND WILL BE ADJUSTED ON A WEEK-TO-WEEK BASIS. Any new player will need to verify his handicap by either the USGA or head professional at their home club. If neither of those are possible, the player must submit his last 5 scores to the Association.

Below is the quota point structure the WFAA will use to record individual quotas on a week-to-week basis:

Quota point structure:
3 short = 1 down
6 short = 2 down

2 better = 1 up
4 better = 2 up
6 better = 3 up

*Minimum Quota of 18 points

Winning an event will increase the player's quota by 1 on top of what they score.

During team events, we will take the 80% of the team average handicap to calculate the team quota.Examples:

Two Man Event
Player 1 + Player 2 / 2 = Team Average x 0.80% = Team Handicap (Rounded up)

Four Man Event
Player 1 + Player 2 + Player 3 + Player 4 / 4 = Team Average) x 0.80% = Team Handicap (Rounded Up)

Once the team handicap is established, use the table below to calculate the team quota.


Each week the Association will award prizes in both net and gross divisions. This is structured as a net game so if a participant wins both net and gross he will be rewarded the net prize. We will only reward 1 gross prize per week. The more participant’s in the field, the greater the prize pool. All prizes will come from the host clubs pro shop and will be distributed immediately following the completion of play.

The WFAA will also run an optional $20 skins game for those who wish to participate. Any skins will be paid in cash immediately following the completion of play. Players must post a quota score to be rewarded any skins.


If you are 65 years of age or older you will be given the option of playing from the forward tees (roughly 6,000-6,200 yards). If you are younger than 65 years of age, you can expect to play the golf course between 6,400-6,600 yards. The WFAA will not be separating results by age. The gap will be closed by the tee adjustment.

Points Breakdown

Each player’s handicap will be deducted from 36 to calculate their required quota for each event. Example: A handicap of 5 would need to amass 31 points to get an even net score. (36 - 5 = 31).

Points Breakdown
Double Eagle+8
Double Bogey or Worse+/-0

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