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How Events Work

Players can request to play with friends or they will be paired randomly based on location. Players can also request tee times, early or late if they need too. The events, though competitive, are designed with a relaxed friendly environment.


Each week the tour will award prizes in both net and gross divisions. Gross will receive 1 spot to the winner, all additional places wil be paid in the net division. THIS IS STRUCTURED AS A NET QUOTA POINT GAME. The more player’s in the field, the greater the prize pool. There will also be an optional $10 skins game for those who wish to participate.


In order to help maintain both pace of play and help us monitor and adjust handicaps, the primary format for individual competitions will be a Stableford points game. The Stableford or “quota” game works like this:

Players will be given a quota of points to make based off their handicap. For instance, if a player is a 7 handicap they will need to make 29 points with 36 being par.

Points are made on a hole-by-hole basis. Once a player can no longer make bogey or better they are free to pick up on the hole as there are no negative points.

The WFAT will also implement specialty events from time to time. These would include team events and pro ams.

Quota point structure:
3 short = 1 down
6 short = 2 down

2 better = 1 up
4 better = 2 up
6 better = 3 up

*Minimum Quota of 18 points

Winning an event will increase the player's quota by 2 on top of what they score.


If you are 60 years of age or older you will be given the option of playing from the forward tees (roughly 6000-6200 yards).

If you are younger than 60 years of age, you can expect to play the golf course between 6400-6600 yards depending on which golf course we are playing. The WFAT will not be separating results by age. The age disadvantage is rectified by the option of the different tee box. With everybody in the same division the skins purse and the prize pool will be maximized.

Points Breakdown

To calculate the number of points a player needs to get to achieve a net even score, his/her handicap should be deducted from 36. For example, a player with a handicap of 5 would need to amass 36-5=31 points to get an even net score.

Double Eagle+8
Double Bogey or Worse+/-0


Out of Town Series

These events are designed to give our members and non-members more opportunities to play throughout the winter months. The entry fee will simply cover your course costs and a small administration fee. There will be NO prizes awarded for these events. However, we will run an optional $10 or $20 skins game for the players.

These events will be limited to the first 8 individuals that register. Registration for these events will be available 2 weeks prior to the start date. Members of the Amateur Tour will have priority over non-members. For further details about our Out of Town Series, please contact Bryan Gorman at 518-526-9477.

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