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Lakewood Ranch KINGS DUNES Series at the Lakewood Ranch Country Club - 1/15/2018
Adam Zaidel and Steve Cosler come out on top at Lakewood Ranch's Kings Dunes course, one of the toughest test in the Sarasota/Bradenton area.

Net Division

1st. Adam Zaidel

2nd. Mark Sheffield

3rd. Marcus Schulz

Gross Division

1st. Steve Cosler

2nd. Jon Empanger


$ 21 per skin

Matt Sullivan, hole 1, birdie

Marcus Schulz, hole 5, birdie

Steve Cosler, hole 6, birdie

Randall Voss, hole 7, birdie

Marcus Schulz, hole 11, birdie

Mark Sheffield, hole 12, birdie

Ty Wilkinson, hole 16, birdie

Conditions: 65 Degrees. Sunny. Wind 10-15 MPH
Total prize money: $500

Total Participants: 20
RankingPlayer Name QuotaPointsResultPrize Money
1Adam Zaidel24284$150.00
2Mark Sheffield26293$75.00
3Markus Schulz28291$50.00
T4Steve Cosler3433-1$150.00
T4Jeff Murphy2524-1$0.00
T6Kevin O'Conner2624-2$0.00
T6Randall Voss2422-2$0.00
T6Wayne Welter2422-2$0.00
T9Ralph Thompson2623-3$0.00
T9Michael Sweany2926-3$0.00
T11James Sloat1914-5$0.00
T11Bob Thompson2823-5$0.00
13Dave Decker Jr.2923-6$0.00
T14Larry Freed2316-7$0.00
T14Matt Sullivan2821-7$0.00
16Jon Empanger3729-8$75.00
17Donald Zinn3324-9$0.00
18Ty Wilkinson2818-10$0.00
19Chris Elgar2211-11$0.00
20Paul Schoeb3220-12$0.00

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