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Laurel Oak 2 (Individual) at the Laurel Oak Country Club - 1/18/2021
Herb Noyes finally broke through for his first ever Am Association win after 16 tries the past few years. The Vermont native was the only player to finish over his points. David Moore took home the gross prize with 31 points.

Net Division

1st. Herb Noyes

2nd. Gene Ciemny

3rd. Mike Sweany

4th. Dave Slayton

Gross Division

1st. David Moore


$50 per skin

Mike Sweany, hole 1, birdie

Mike Roth, hole 2, birdie

Michael Duranko, hole 12, birdie

Herb Noyes, hole 16, birdie

Conditions: Sunny & Cool. Played the ball UP
Total prize money: $500


20 Players
RankingPlayer Name QuotaPointsResultPrize Money
1Herb Noyes22275$150.00
T2Michael Sweany26260$75.00
T2Gene Ciemny30300$100.00
T4Kevin Kihnke2827-1$0.00
T4David Moore3231-1$150.00
T4Dave Slayton3029-1$25.00
7Drew Briggs2422-2$0.00
T8Michael Duranko2724-3$0.00
T8Perry Pogany2825-3$0.00
T8Mike Roth2320-3$0.00
11Mark Sheffield2622-4$0.00
T12Dave Decker Jr.2722-5$0.00
T12Tom Mallouk2823-5$0.00
T12Kevin Milliken2722-5$0.00
T15Tom Paulson2721-6$0.00
T15Charlie Rentz2115-6$0.00
17Guy DiLullo2720-7$0.00
T18Todd Wyman2214-8$0.00
T18Tyler Manning3830-8$0.00
20Chad Wrightson3018-12$0.00

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