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Sara Bay 2 (Individual) at the Sara Bay Country Club - 1/25/2021
Another beautiful Monday, another fantastic West Florida Amateur Association event. Sara Bay played host on this beautiful January day and Todd Wyman and Tyler Manning took home the Net and Gross Division titles.

Net Division

1st. Todd Wyman

2nd. Wayne Welter

3rd. Tom Mallouk

4th. Jeff Murphy

Gross Division

1st. Tyler Manning

2nd. Jon Empanger

3rd. Paul Miller


$50 per skin

Tyler Manning, hole 2, birdie

Bill Brightly, hole 13, birdie

Jon Empanger, hole 14, birdie

Gary Brochin, hole 15, birdie

Conditions: Morning Fog, then Sun. Played the ball UP.
Total prize money: $700


28 Players
RankingPlayer Name QuotaPointsResultPrize Money
1Todd Wyman20222$150.00
T2Tom Mallouk27281$75.00
T2Wayne Welter25261$100.00
T2Jeff Murphy24251$50.00
T5Jon Empanger32320$100.00
T5Tyler Manning36360$150.00
T7Perry Pogany2726-1$0.00
T7Mark Sheffield2524-1$0.00
T7Paul Miller2827-1$75.00
T7Gary Brochin2524-1$0.00
T7Tom Gadbois2423-1$0.00
T7Kevin Kihnke2827-1$0.00
T13Jeff LeSage2725-2$0.00
T13John Lorito2119-2$0.00
T15Bill Brightly2926-3$0.00
T15Kenneth Wolff1512-3$0.00
T17Chip Kelly2723-4$0.00
T17Chad Wrightson2824-4$0.00
T17Michael Duranko2622-4$0.00
T20Bob Farnsworth3126-5$0.00
T20Donald Johnson2015-5$0.00
T22Jerry McParland2216-6$0.00
T22Herb Noyes2418-6$0.00
T22Steve McAuliff1812-6$0.00
T22David Moore3226-6$0.00
26Tom Olsen2316-7$0.00
27Kevin Milliken2618-8$0.00
28Brad Solheim2817-11$0.00

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