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Laurel Oak 3 (2 Man Better Ball) at the Laurel Oak Country Club - 2/1/2021
Michael Sweany and Wayne Bartolacci managed 35 points to win the Gross Division title, while Mark Sheffield and Jeff Murphy took home the Net Division crown with +9. Thank you to all the players for braving the conditions and dealing with 30 MPH wind gusts. It was definitely one for the record books!

Net Division

1st. Sheffield & Murphy

2nd. Golia & Wyman

3rd. Pogany & Decker

Gross Division

1st. Bartolacci & Sweany


$50 per skin

Clark & Abbott , hole 2, birdie

LeSage & Bennett, hole 5, birdie

LeSage & Bennett, hole 6, birdie

Clark & Abbott , hole 12, birdie

Bartolacci & Sweany, hole 14, birdie

Conditions: Morning Sun, the Wind. Wind 15-30 MPH. Played the ball DOWN.
Total prize money: $700


26 Players
RankingPlayer Name QuotaPointsResultPrize Money
T1Mark Sheffield25349$112.50
T1Jeff Murphy25349$112.50
T1Todd Wyman24339$75.00
T1Steve Golia24339$75.00
T5Michael Sweany28357$112.50
T5Wayne Bartolacci28357$112.50
T7Dave Decker Jr.27325$50.00
T7Ken Bennett26315$0.00
T7Jeff LeSage26315$0.00
T7Brad Solheim27325$0.00
T7Perry Pogany27325$50.00
T7Chad Wrightson27325$0.00
T13Tom Gadbois22264$0.00
T13Jerry McParland22264$0.00
T15Chip Kelly29323$0.00
T15John Birkhauser29323$0.00
T17Paul Miller28302$0.00
T17Markus Schulz28302$0.00
T19Joe Abbott21210$0.00
T19Mark Clark21210$0.00
T21Drew Briggs2726-1$0.00
T21Kevin Kihnke2726-1$0.00
T23Tom Paulson2927-2$0.00
T23Jon Empanger2927-2$0.00
T25Tom Mallouk2823-5$0.00
T25Greg Gaul2823-5$0.00

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